Amazing, quick results. We took our 4-day-old baby girl to Dr. Lynn for a general newborn look-see. She had been pretty fussy since birth–she cried if she was awake and not nursing. She has hardly cried since we left the office yesterday and is so much more comfortable and relaxed. Thank you Dr. Lynn! – LaVan F.

Baby Adjustment
Great Chiropractic care for kids. Had a great experience with chiropractic treatment for my son. We have been taking him to chiropractors since he was a newborn and this was the first time he was treated by Lynn. She was educational, comforting and he felt very comfortable with her. I have never given my kids antibiotics and have treated ear infections and colds with a combination of herbs, homeopathy, home remedies and OF COURSE, chiropractic care! Thanks, Lynn! – RFT

I love my Chiropractor. My friend asked me how I like my new chiopractor and I said, “I love My Chiopractor!” She asked why? I said I had never had a medical field person who was so kind, patient, gentle, helpful, caring, knowledgable as Doctor Gerner. I tell all my friends about her and thanked the couple who recommended her to me. They love her, too. I feel good when I leave her office and don’t feel like I have been run over by a Mac truck like a chiopractor I last went to. Her treatments far excell any other. –Lucille H.


Wonderful with small children. Dr. Lynn treated my 18 mo old son with such dignity and respect; I was so impressed AND thankful! I feel safe with and confident in Dr. Lynn and appreciate that I am always warmly greeted when I arrive. We thought we had a perfect chriopractor where we lived before and that we’d never find someone we liked as much; Dr. Lynn has surpassed our expectations! – Meredith C.
Fantastic care for my wife during her pregnancy. My wife had severe back pain in the last month of pregnancy and could barely walk. Dr. Gerner completely fixed her back slowly over a series of visits making her delivery much easier. Recently, I went to Dr. Gerner for back pain and she did a great job. Highly recommended (especially for pregnancy). – Elliott B.

Like few I’ve ever met. I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years, some good but most just mediocre. I think I’ve found a real gem in Dr. Gerner. She is extremely knowledgeable, considerate and thorough. She takes the time necessary to understand the patient’s unique history and listens attentively before suggesting a treatment plan. Their equipment is first rate, like none I’ve ever experienced. She doesn’t just twist, crack and shove you out the door. Instead, she prepares you with stretch and massage. Awesome! – Eric C.

Doctors are wonderful! My daughter has been having health issues for the past two years, her regular doctors haven’t been able to help her. So I brought her into the Good Life and after a few adjustments she is back to my sweet girl! Her pain has gone away and she is getting back to a normal schedule. The Doctors are wonderful and really take the time to listen and help you. We will definitely be coming back!-

Natalie H.

I have been looking for a Chiropractor for years who I could really communicate with and trust. I found one! Dr. Gerner is awesome! She really listens and tries to help you on an individual care, big picture level. Her adjustments are gentle and precise, a big change from one of the bad chiros I saw! Her technique is outstanding and my spine/neck/jaw are INCREDIBLY improved after seeing her just once. I am impressed and delighted. – Donnelly W.