“We would like to address the current coronavirus/Covid-19 public health crisis. We are confident that everyone with a healthy immune system are in no significant danger. We also respect those who are fearful and wish to be responsible concerning the potential spread to those who are compromised . We encourage our friends and clients to take measures to boost their immunity and to practice good hygiene. The chiropractic adjustment has been proven to increase the body’s ability to fight disease*. As we provide this care, we will be sanitizing each table and washing hands after each client. We will remain open during our normal business hours and welcome you and your families in our office.” – Dr. Lynn and staff.

*Study by Selano et al, “The Effects of Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments On The CD4 Counts of HIV Positive Patients'” (Chiropractic Research Journal 1994; 3(1): 32-39), the effects of six months of regular chiropractic care on the immune system function of HIV patients was measured. At the end of six months of care, the patients who had received regular adjustments had a 48% increase in the number of CD4+ T cells (p=0.06), whereas the patients who were not adjusted had an 8% decrease in CD4+ cells.

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