What to Expect

Dr. Lynn at work
Your first visit will last around an hour. After you complete a health questionnaire, we will talk with you about your health history, lifestyle, and healing goals. We will teach you about your nervous system and its effect on your overall physical and emotional health. We will assess your spine, posture and body structure. We will gladly address any questions and concerns you may have. We will explain all procedures and make sure, at all times, to provide a safe, comfortable environment.

You may receive your first adjustment on that first visit. The adjustment is a gentle release of pressure in the body. We use a variety of techniques such as; specific spinal adjusting, drop table and activator to name a few. If you have any hesitation about the force of a certain technique; we can find one that better meets your needs.

We will soon thereafter decide on a course of treatment, if needed, that will allow the best healing in your situation. Every-body is different. Depending on your health level and your lifestyle, you may heal faster than someone else. Our technique and time that we take to address your whole body speeds up the healing process; resulting in less needed visits. We will customize your care plan for your own needs and monitor your progress.


Follow up adjustments will last between 15-20 minutes. We offer time to give your nervous system the ability to relax and integrate in a supportive environment.