Sports Care

Dr. Gerner is a past personal trainer, anatomy instructor, and team Chiropractor for many athletic groups such as the Leukemia Society Team in Training, the Santa Cruz Triathlon Club, and the UCSC Swim team.

The most important thing in assisting with injuries and performance is understanding how the human body works as a whole in relationship to its parts. All parts of the body: feet, ankles, knees, pelvis, ribcage, shoulder girdle, cranium, etc… are designed to absorb pressure and strain in equal distribution when in proper alignment and motion. If any part of this chain becomes fixated or misaligned, other joints and soft tissues must compensate; becoming overworked and prone to injury. All muscles of the body are attached to an underlying boney foundation. When the foundation is not stable, the muscles become strained and weak. By understanding how all of these parts fit into the whole, the entire system can be balanced.

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Rather than focusing only on the site of pain or offering a temporary solution which often only causes greater injury long-term, we focus on the core issues and assist you towards permanent healing.

We can facilitate healing through gentle Chiropractic adjustments and by teaching proper ways to stretch, strengthen, and exercise.

Dr. Gerner is available to your team, school, or group to provide workshops on proper body structure and mechanics, gait analysis, avoiding injuries and also to conduct spinal/scoliosis screenings. Please contact our office to arrange your event.

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