We value the founding philosophy of Chiropractic:

 Your body was created perfectly and has the ability to heal itself. When you cut your finger, you don’t have to tell your body how to rejuvenate.  When 2 cells come together to form a new life, no drug or doctor has to tell the embryo how to become a perfect complex human.  You have an innate intelligence within you.  Your body is continually communicating with this intelligence via your Nervous System, and when this communication has no interference you are able to adapt and integrate the stresses of life. The functions of the body, even many of those that we perceive to be negative, are for very wise and protective purposes.

When physical, chemical and emotional stresses exceed our ability to adapt, that stress becomes stored in our Neurospinal system and vital information between brain and body becomes disconnected.

These areas of stored stress are known as Subluxations. (Sub = less, lux = light, ation = a state of being) and often become apparent in the form of tension, misalignment, pain, and inflammation of the body. These subluxations interfere with the normal transference of messages throughout the Nervous System.  The result is dis-ease and the inability to heal and thrive.

Chiropractic care releases Subluxations, allowing your Nervous System the freedom to function at its highest level. We respect your body’s wisdom and work with it’s natural ability, rather than against it.

Along with Chiropractic we also have available a whole team of holistic professionals of different modalities to help you with your wellness program goals.

We provide gentle adjusting for adults and children; including pregnant women by combining techniques such as:

  • Chiropractic Diversified spinal adjusting
  • Impulse and Activator Instrument adjusting
  • Cranial Sacral and Specific Cranial Therapy
  • Passive motion (Leander flexion-distraction)